About OakTree

Vision and mission

Our aim is to make OakTree the leading top management consultancy for the Travel, Transportation & Logistics industry.

Hence, we would like to

  • Make our clients successful and help them achieve sustainable and significant performance and efficiency improvements
  • Recruit excellent personalities and develop them into outstanding consultants and leaders


Client Orientation – Our daily performance is guided by the interests of our clients. Our own interests have a lower priority.

Independence – We work fact-based and always represent our own independent opinion. We do not work on topics that are of little importance to the success of our clients.

Professionalism – We respect the culture of our clients and guarantee absolute confidentiality.

Excellence – We always strive for the best and most effective solution. We unfold our full expertise.

Our consultants are our core assets

We carefully select our consultants. This is why our teams mainly consist of senior consultants with an excellent academic performance and experience in renowned top management consultancies. Our consultants are all distinguished by their analytical strength, professionalism and the ability to collaboratively develop practical solutions with our clients.