• We are looking for remarkable personalities.

  • Our consultants can determine their own personal development path.

  • We offer widely varied and exciting projects in a familial working atmosphere.

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Career paths


As a student from 5th semester and onwards, you may gain initial job experience as a Visiting Associate during a two to three-month internship. The focus here is on actively getting to know the day-to-day work of a consultant: from day one, you will be given your own tasks, which you will work on independently in cooperation with our clients and under guidance of a consultant colleague. If your performance is convincing, we will make you a contract offer on the condition that you have successfully completed your studies.

With a completed Bachelor's degree and no significant work experience, you will start with us as a Junior Associate. From the very beginning, you will work with our clients as a fully-fledged member of the team. Through intensive coaching, you will learn the consulting basics “on the job”. At the same time, you will complete a customised training programme designed to systematically develop your analytical, professional, and social skills. After two years, you have the opportunity to receive support from us for your Master's degree.

Have you already completed a Master’s degree, a diploma, or a doctorate? In that case, you may kick off your career with OakTree as an Associate. Here, too, the focus of your schooling is on acquiring the basic "consulting skillset" through intensive coaching "on the job" and an accompanying training programme. You will apply your advanced academic skills and experience to ensure the success of your project and systematically build up expertise in sustainable transport and mobility. After two years, we offer you the opportunity to complete an MBA programme with financial support from OakTree.

As a holder of a Master’s degree, a diploma, or a doctorate with significant professional experience, you will familiarise yourself with a broad spectrum of functional topics that are of central importance to our clients in the role of a Senior Associate. A practice-oriented coaching and training programme promotes your professional development as a manager, aiming to enable you to take on project responsibility yourself after an appropriate period of time.

Project manager

As an Engagement Manager, you are the main point of contact for our clients concerning all questions related to a particular project on site. You coordinate the operational cooperation between clients and the OakTree team, act as a coach for your junior team members, and be responsible for the quality of our consulting services. In the meantime, you will expand your industry and functional expertise and thus become a sought-after sparring partner for our clients. In addition, you contribute to the development of our in-house training curriculum and take an active role in passing on this knowledge to younger colleagues.

Our Principals have proven themselves successful as project managers and have a perfect command of the consulting basics. You will now use your leadership skills and your broad functional and industry know-how in larger client projects, or in two client projects at the same time. You will actively contribute to the further development of our client base and grow into a mentor role for junior colleagues.


Our Partners are the first point of contact and sparring partners for our clients' top management. You focus on the sustainable development of our clients, enhance our projects with your longstanding experience, and bear overall responsibility for our projects. You are fully committed to OakTree’s medium-term strategic development, especially through providing intense coaching and sparring to all your colleagues.