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Our goal is to create lasting value for our clients by substantially improving operational performance and environmental sustainability. Our consulting approach has proven successful in more than 100 projects with clients from the mobility and logistics sector and their suppliers.

We attach great importance to carefully trained consultants. Today’s industry landscape requires experts who are capable of quickly developing effective solutions. That is why our work focuses on clearly defined areas of competence.

With us, you will work on strategic objectives that have a significant influence on the future business success of our clients. You will support our clients through all project phases, from concept to successful implementation.

To you, we offer the intense schooling and career prospects of large top management consultancies, combined with flexible deployment opportunities and a familial working atmosphere in an aspiring boutique consultancy. For this, we are looking for graduates and young professionals with strong academic and professional track records as well as seasoned consultants and project managers from other top management consultancies.

We are a top management consultancy serving leading companies and their suppliers in the mobility and logistics industry in Europe and the Middle East.

OakTree Partners was founded in 2010 by two senior members of McKinsey & Company's global travel, transportation & logistics industry.

Through our projects, we are actively shaping the modal shift in mobility and transport, making decisive contributions to achieving the climate goals in passenger and freight transport. Here, we often work at the interface between strategy, operational process changes and the digitisation of business processes.

We stand for premium consulting services. Our aspirations are reflected in our values and principles.