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„Working with OakTree is all about supporting clients in putting complex issues into practice by means of in-depth analytical analysis and understanding – all that within a friendly working environment and a partner-like mode of collaboration with client teams.”


Dr. Roland Castringius - Business Economist (freelance)

Roland can count on more than 20 years of relevant professional experience in the area of top management consulting, having worked on a broad variety of subjects in numerous industries. One main focus herein has been on transport and logistics firms operating on a global scale, as well as the rail infrastructure branch. Prior to joining the OakTree team Roland was a senior project manager at McKinsey & Company, Inc., mainly taking responsibility for strategy, purchasing, and sales projects in the automotive and assembly industry as well as the high-tech sector. Before Roland started off his career in consulting, he earned a diploma in business economics all the while working as a tour guide on international maritime cruises.